Welcome to Mend Well

Welcome to Mend Well

Welcome to Mend Well Blog; we’re really glad you’re here!

You play a role in the success of your surgery and the speed of your recovery. And it pays to be your own advocate and take control of your health; it’s not all on your doctors and nurses. Think of it like this: you’re an athlete getting ready for a big race. You need to train, and get yourself ready to take on the challenge. We’re here to be your coach!

So Why Are We Writing This Blog?

We’re here to be a resource for everyday people who are getting ready for the “big S”: Surgery. It used to be that unless your job was in medicine (not the case for most of us) you were out of luck if you were looking for any surgery guidance outside the four walls of your doctor’s office. And while we all hope to get the doctor with all the answers, the fact is the medicine is constantly changing and improving – and docs can’t always keep up.

The other problem was that the bulk of information on surgery prep and recovery was written for doctors, by doctors.  Don’t get us wrong… we love our docs! They’re often the smartest folks in the  room, and that will never change. But, for most of us without an M.D., the information on how to have a stellar surgery and a smooth recovery ends with the handful of leaflets we get handed in our pre-op appointment. We can do better than that!

Times have changed. And with the internet at our fingertips, we all have the ability to self-advocate and take an active role in our health before and long after surgery. We just need the tools to do it.

Enter: Mend Well.

Why Is Mend Well Special?

While Mend Well gets guidance from top medical advisors, we do our best to make our resources simple and accessible for everyday people like you (and us too).

Plus, there are LOTS of important little details about surgery that are easy to forget when your head is spinning from all the medical jargon, day-of scheduling and prescription names you are trying to keep straight. Like figuring out how you’re going to quit smoking before the big day, and how quickly you’ll be able to hit the gym again after the procedure. We want to be a destination for surgery patients, no matter what they might have questions on.

It’s Not A Small Problem

About 75 million surgeries and procedures are performed every year in the US. For many of us, surgery is the difference between a lingering health problem and a life well-lived.

Success Starts (and Ends) With You

Now, we don’t believe in being unreasonable – this isn’t a boycott of modern medicine. Of course we still need surgeons, anesthesiologists, and our beloved pre-op, surgical and PACU nurses. We are lucky to have caring professionals that can navigate our surgeries safely and get us home in one piece. The difference is that we used to leave it at that; we were just glad we got through it. Maybe we didn’t know better before, but things are different now. There are several things that we can do before and after surgery that make a HUGE difference in our surgery experience. And they are things that physicians simply can’t do for us.

Whether you’re here to get info for yourself or a loved one, we hope you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. The Mend Well community welcomes you here!